Monday, May 28, 2012

Fast Ship 1.0 Announcement

I started working at a simple space shooter some time ago . It should have been finished a long time ago xD but I couldn't work every day and from time to time there were whole months when I didn't code at all.
So basically, this will be a very simple space shooter where you will have to shoot UFOs and they will come faster and faster and have higher HP than the previous ones and higher Attack Rate and Damage .
This game will have SFML as its basic library and it is based on the tutorials that are provided by GameFromScratch , which is an awesome website for beginners and intermediates .
SFML is a game programming library that goes very well with OpenGL , also I think it's the perfect choice for 2D indie games .
Also, I took the sprites and almost all GFX from Open Game Art, which is an awesome site for FXs, Sprites and 3D models, and much more .

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