Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Returning int instead of double

Here is a small but common issue that I found on CPlusPlus forum .

Let's say we have a function like this
double f (int a, int b)Go to your blog list
       double result = (a*b) / 2 ;
       return result ;

or something like this , the exact function isn't relevant . So the problem was that the function returned an int value and not a double .

The root of the problem is the following :
because all the variables are int the operator/ will take the argument (a*b) which is an integer so-to-say so it will store an integer in result and then convert it to double (e.g. from 2 to 2.0 , which is kind of useless) .

So in order to fix this you can simply cast the variables to double like this:
double f (int a, int b)
       double result = ( (double) a* (double) b) / 2 ;
       return result ;

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