Monday, August 6, 2012

TicTacToe 2.0 Release

Hello everybody !
Tic Tac Toe 2.0 is out !

So , recently I've picked up on SFML again , only this time it's 2.0 version .
After I previously tried to make a space-shooter as my first game and kinda' failed xD I decided to start with a smaller task this time until I get a better idea on game programming and learn the "good practices" .
The code might be a mess but I don't really know the "proper" way to do this , I hope I'll get the time to read some articles on it so it will be more efficient :).
I promise I'll try to make the next game cleaner :)

Source code is here .
Release zip is here .

P.S. As usual, if you have any ideas or if you want to comment or criticize this project :) please do so by commenting or e-mail-ing me at

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