Monday, August 5, 2013

MartyOnlyNeedsOranges Announcement

Few days ago I started working on a modern version of the classic snake game.

 The game is about an albino snake named Marty, his dream is to become the most awesome colored snake in the world :) and it is within your gamer skills to help him achieve his goal. Marty will change his color as it eats fruits. I will post a link to the executable (I think I'll upload it to Softpedia). I was wondering whether I should put some ads in it but after giving it a second thought I decided to leave it as a game should be (free and nice) .
The graphics are also made by me so they will not look great, but I hope it will be fine.
Also, it will have 2 single player modes (with borders and without), a multiplayer version (or 2), but that is going to be implemented later.

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