Saturday, June 2, 2012

Captain Shutdown 2.0 Announcement

While I'm taking a break from Fast Ship project I thought that I should try the QtWidgets library since I heard a lot of positive reviews on it.
I'll try to learn to use QtWidgets by making a GUI version of Captain Shutdown.

QtWidgets was created by Trolltech and it is now owned by Nokia . QtW can be used for Symbian, UNIX, Mac and Windows applications .
Though I found it a little bothering to set it up, I think it was well-worth the effort . QtW allows the hard-coding of everything (if you like that kind of stuff , and sometime I do, just for fun) or you can use QtDesigner and generate everything way faster and easier (though I don't think you get the feeling of programming) .
So if you ever wanted an alternative to the hard-to-learn Win32, give a try to QtW .

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