Sunday, June 24, 2012

Captain Shutdown 2.3 Release

Here comes the 2.3 version of Captain Shutdown . Basically , it is the same thing , I only added a Menu Bar that allows you to reset the values in an instant (Ctrl + R) and there are two "About" options that will tell you more on QtWidgets and Captain Shutdown.

After playing for some time with the QtDesigner , I came to think that it is really a good tool since it allows you to modify almost everything in an instant and with great ease .
I hope the next version of Captain Shutdown will be cross-platform, but that is a little hard since I only own a Windows machine :( . But I hope the all-mighty internet will help me . Hope you like it . 

The source pack and the release pack .

NOTE: I found a bug that instead of taking 10 hours for example ... it would take 1 hour :) I solved it and everything is good ( the problem was that i was multiplying hours by 360 when converting to seconds instead of 3600) 

Please post any suggestions or ideas or e-mail them to me at .

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