Saturday, June 29, 2013

Captain Shutdown 3.0 . It's Alive !

Captain Shutdown 3.0 is finally out !

I had some issues with it running on other computers but after I installed QtCreator on 32-bits with MinGW it worked like a charm. However, untill I download an Ubuntu version it is available only for Windows users.

It has an improved timing system. New way to choose notes time (via date). Optional sound (from .wav files) for notes. Notes are saved through sessions.

I have a worked a little longer on it because I wanted to replace the old iHours, iSeconds, iMinutes system with a QDateTime one (and it is way easier). Also I had to learn how to work with streams to save a data structure and load it.

I'd like to thank to the qt-project and community for their in depth and fast help.
If you are wondering, my username on all programming communities is TwoOfDiamonds (HINT: I took it from Derren Brown's "Tricks of the mind" -- pretty awesome book)

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