Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Captain Shutdown 3.0

I finally found the time to finish the 3.0 version of my (until now) biggest project.

It took me some time considering that I also had to do homework and learn a lot, but it is here (with a nasty vs redistributable package dependency) . Also, I need some time to test it on linux so for the moment only the Windows version is available (the dependency packages are included in the .7z file.

The new version includes the option to save notes so they will be active when you reopen the application, sound for notes pop-up and also (if you look into the source code) the iHours, iMinutes, iSeconds structure has been replaced by QDateTime . Furthernore, I upgraded the code to Qt 5.

You can find anything you want related to the project on the sourceforge page.

PS: If you have any ideas regarding the project or want to contribute (anything at all really) please comment or mail me.

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